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How it works
Data Scoring
The first step is to assess the existing data quality. This involves using our Assess API to analyze a sample, or all, of your email and phone number contact data. Based on your customer data provided our API will provide the following diagnostics; an overall data quality score, a data profile report indicating quality anomalies identified, such as missing values, duplicate records, incorrect data types, and outliers.
Data Cleansing

Having assessed data quality, the next step is to clean the data. Data cleansing involves applying a rule based approach to correcting errors, removing duplicates, filling in missing values, standardizing formats, and resolving inconsistencies. Our Clean API provided with your contact data will provide an improved, cleansed in response including a summarized output of improvements executed.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment involves enhancing the data provided using our Enrich API. Using applied predictive analytics our API will propose enhancements to the data to increase the accuracy. Our data enrichment models have been trained to interpret unstructured data into structured data fields.

Data Re-Scoring

For good measure we advise our clients to re-score the finalized data again using our Assess API again and compare results to the original assessment. Providing a reference to the original assessment our API will provide an improvement report which summarizes the improved scoring attained through the process of using the API suite.

Data Security

All client data is transferred via secure protocol and implicitly anonymized through the use of token references. Client data is stored temporarily 'in-flight' for the purposes of transaction logging to support client queries and support where required.